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Manaia Set

Manaia Set


Bone Set

Beautiful XL Manaia Pendant. Size (mm): 38 W x 136 H 

Experience the beauty and tradition of Māori culture with this intricately hand-carved bone pendant. The stunning piece features a Manaia, a powerful guardian believed to bring luck and protect the wearer from evil. As a messenger between the spirit realm and human world, the Manaia holds a special place in Māori mythology and is a prominent motif in carvings. Each pendant is individually crafted, making it a unique and meaningful addition to your collection.

Earrings Size (mm):  72L x  20W (bone part only)

Approx  95mm total drop length.

Experience the intricate beauty and cultural significance of Māori jewelry with these handcrafted bone Manaia twist earrings. The stunning brown staining adds depth to the exquisite design, featuring pāua shell accents as the eyes of the powerful Manaia. Each piece is unique, making it a special addition to your collection. The Manaia symbolizes protection and serves as a guardian against evil, while the twist (Pikorua) represents the unity of cultures and forging of friendships. Pair with our 'Extra Large Bone Manaia Twist Pendant' (BPXL009) for a complete set.

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