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PAUA Korowai

PAUA Korowai


Beautifully handcrafted Contemporary Korowai(cloak). Combination of Turquoise, royal blue and white feathers sewn on to cloth and lined. We try to keep stock but please allow 3-4 weeks for production.

The Korowai cloak is a traditional Maori garment that is rich in symbolism and history. Worn as a mantle of prestige and honour, the Korowai represents leadership and the responsibility to care for one's people and environment. The name Korowai means 'cloak of protective energy', which reflects the spiritual power this garment holds. Made from finely woven flax, the cloak is adorned with intricate designs that tell the story of the wearer's tribal affiliation and family lineage. The Korowai is more than just a piece of clothing - it is an iconic symbol of Maori culture that instills pride and connection to one's heritage.

  • Care Instructions

    Store in an acid free container or an acid free box to protect your Korowai.

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